Books by Louie Verrecchio

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Vatican II

With Foreword by: Most Rev. R. Walker Nickless

An eminently faithful, vastly informative, yet truly approachable journey into the teachings of the Second Vatican Council.

Starting with the basics – the what, when, why and how of the Council – Louie Verrecchio systematically goes about clearing up some of the most misunderstood aspects of conciliar teaching. From the Council Fathers’ treatment of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to their vision for liturgical reform and the true meaning of “fully conscious and active participation,” this book is a must read for every Catholic living today in the shadow of Vatican II. $12.50

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And With Your Spirit: Recovering a sense of the sacred in the Roman Missal – 3rd Edition

Our prayers and responses at Holy Mass have changed. Have you?
Pope Benedict XVI encouraged solid catechesis as the key to entering ever more deeply into sacred mysteries that we celebrate at Holy Mass in light of the new English translation of the Roman Missal. Salve Regina is pleased to present Louie Verrecchio’s contribution to this effort. Highlighting all of the changes to the people’s parts of Holy Mass and how they compare to the old translation, Verrecchio also answers such questions as:

* What is the true nature of the sacred liturgy?
* How is the new translation related to the teachings of Vatican II?
* What is the deeper meaning of the new prayers and responses?
* How will they foster a more authentic form of active participation?
* How does the new translation recover a sense of the sacred at Holy Mass?

In view of the new translation of the Roman missal, Louie Verrecchio’s examination of the Sacred Liturgy is especially relevant and instructive, bringing the teachings of Vatican II to life and helping ordinary Catholics mine that treasury for all it’s worth. - James Cavanagh – Director of Evangelization and Catechesis – Archdiocese of Denver

Deepen your participation in Holy Mass as you embrace the updated text in the Roman Missal. $12.50


The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary: A Weapon of Mass Instruction

The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a benevolent teacher to all who are eager to develop the interior disposition that is necessary to participate in the sacred liturgy in a truly fruitful way.
With this in mind, Louie Verrecchio offers reflections in honor of the Immaculata, so that with her help, by contemplating the mysteries of our Redemption through the eyes of the Virgin Mother, we may be drawn ever more deeply into the sacred mysteries that we celebrate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. $12.50

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Was John Courtney Murray Right?
An examination of the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II

On December 7, 1965, Pope Paul VI officially promulgated Dignitatis Humanae – the Second Vatican Council’s “Americanized” treatment of religious freedom: It was as though an American flag had been raised atop the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, supplanting the Cross of Christ the King; the same that had long since adorned not just the pinnacle of this most famous of all sacred buildings, but the very heart of Christendom itself…

In this brief but high-impact book, Louie Verrecchio compares and contrasts the traditional doctrine of the Church with the novelties that were enshrined in the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II.
Rather than focusing on minutia, Verrecchio shines the light of Tradition on the foundational planks upon which these two disparate approaches to religious freedom must either stand or fall, providing readers with the insight necessary to decide for themselves:Was John Courtney Murray right? $12.50
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