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During his recent visit to Korea, Pope Francis took the opportunity to make certain that the Church in Asia understands just how much he despises, to be perfectly blunt, the mission of the Holy Catholic Church as given to her by Christ.

Speaking to the Korean Bishops, the Holy Father said:

“And so, with my identity and my empathy, my openness, I walk with the other. I don’t try to make him come over to me, I don’t proselytize.”

Wow! That’s seven, count them, seven I’s and my’s in just two sentences!

Truly I say to you, not even in Washington D.C. have I seen such humility! (On which note, if you’ve not yet read Chris Ferrara’s treatment of papal humility on display in Korea at the Remnant, do yourself a favor and be sure to do so soon.)

If anything is clear in the all-too-often inchoate public commentary of Pope Francis it is his personal aversion to seeking converts to the one true faith.

Now, please note that I deliberately chose not to speak of the public “teaching” of Pope Francis since that might invite confusion as to whether his thoughts on the matter represent an act of the sacred magisterium. On this point, let us be perfectly clear, they most certainly do not.

Rather, his frequent admonitions against what he has chosen to label “proselytism” are truly nothing more than the private (and let’s be honest, decidedly un-Catholic) opinions of the man who, as bitter misfortune would have it, is the currently reigning pope.

For those who are as yet still confused (either by ignorance or by choice), perhaps it will help to provide some clarity as to what the former Jorge Bergoglio means by “proselytism.”

In his “Top 10 Secrets to Happiness,” (also the entirely personal opinion of the man who just so happens to be known as Pope Francis) we find the following:

Don’t proselytize; respect others’ beliefs. We can inspire others through witness so that one grows together in communicating. But the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes: ‘I am talking with you in order to persuade you,’ No. Each person dialogues, starting with his and her own identity. The church grows by attraction, not proselytizing.  

So, what is this condemnable “proselytism” that Pope Francis so often decries?

It is truly nothing more insidious than seeking to persuade non-Catholics to enter the solitary Ark of Salvation; i.e., the mission of the Church.

Our Blessed Lord issued His commission to the Apostles saying, “Go, make disciples of all nations … teach them everything whatsoever that I commanded.”

One does well to note that “teaching” and “making disciples” (otherwise known as “pupils”) are essentially one and the same thing; i.e., Christ the King was so determined to make it clear that His is to be a teaching Church that He repeated Himself!

Contrast this with the notion that “the church grows by attraction,” as if heathens, heretics and Jews are just going to magically gravitate to the Catholic Church like moths to a lantern if only we perform enough random acts of kindness.

Taking our queue from Papa Bergoglio’s highly favored “hospital for sinners” image of the Church, his idea of mission is like a medical residency program that promises to instruct medical students simply by the attractive force of an attending physician who refuses to offer correction; even when a life is at stake.

In truth, this analogy fails as the situation in the Church today is far more dangerous.

Not only do we have a pope who refuses to condemn and correct the very errors that threaten to lead souls to eternal death; he even goes so far as to actively encourage their adherents to persevere in darkness!

The reason he does so is at once simple and bone chilling: the man simply does not believe that the Holy Catholic Church is the solitary Ark of Salvation. Worse still is that his words and deeds give no indication whatsoever that he believes that faith in Christ Jesus Our savior is in any way necessary in order to be saved!

This much is becoming ever more clear with every passing day, and if you think that the current Roman Pontiff’s lack of Catholic faith comes without great cost, think again.

  1. Ganganelli August 25, 2014 4:43 pm

    Islam needs a Vatican II. I find it highly ironic that the Catholic “traditionalists” that most hate the acts of muslims(beheadings, stonings, etc.) are the same traditionalists that defend the history of Catholics burning heretics at the stake and the like. Hypocrisy much?

    • jacobum August 26, 2014 1:18 am

      Cdl Maradiaga is the closet thing we have to a manifest “heretic” in the Church hierarchy and G8. His theology and teaching is absolutely toxic and dangerous to the salvation of souls. Unfortunately, PF is a modernist and he has surrounded himself with modernist clones as well. Weather advisory: “Tighten the lug-nuts folks”. Barring a direct intervention by the Holy Spirit or the Immaculata, the ride is going to get much, much worse. The wolves are coming out of their dens and taking off their phony sheep’s clothing.

    • A Catholic Thinker August 26, 2014 8:54 pm

      It should surprise no one that Gangenelli does not understand the difference between punishment for blaspheming the True God and the demon’s (fleeting) punishment for cleaving to Him.

    • Indignus famulus August 26, 2014 9:53 pm

      These Christians were crucified for refusing to convert.

  2. Ever mindful August 25, 2014 5:19 pm

    And here is a definition, to help discussion

    convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.
    “the programme did have a tremendous evangelical effect, proselytizing many”
    synonyms: evangelize, convert, seek/make converts, bring to God/Christ, bring into the fold, spread the gospel/word (to), propagandize, preach (to), win over, recruit; brainwash
    “I’m not here to proselytize”
    advocate or promote (a belief or course of action).
    “Davis wanted to share his concept and proselytize his ideas”
    synonyms: promote, present, spread, proclaim, peddle, propound, preach, back, urge, suggest, support, advocate, endorse, champion, sponsor, espouse, advance, further, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster, boost
    “they are preoccupied with proselytizing a liberal view”
    Translate proselytize to
    Use over time for: proselytize

  3. John Madison August 25, 2014 5:22 pm

    I don’t recall any Catholics defending anyone who burned anyone else at the stake or anywhere else. There were some executions carried out by temporal kings in history, usually for the catch-all crime of heresy. Most of these crimes were seen as a crime against the unity and peace of the temporal state. For the same reason, temporal governments expelled non-Catholics from their realms. And not being imbued with our “enlightened” sense of democracy, these orders of execution and banishment were carried out in the name of the monarch. These monarchs were usually dedicated to defending the Catholic Faith, but from time to time, the heresy charge was used to execute, banish, or imprison ideological opponents. This did not occur frequently for, after all, an absolute monarch experiences little or no dissent, hence the “absolute.”
    Now, if you’d like to see some real human bonfires, I suggest you try the Calvinists in and around Geneva in the 16th century. Or if beheadings and other sundry ways of execution are more to your taste, try Elizabethan England. Feudal Japan had a real knack for interesting execution methods as well.
    But in the brief history of the 21st century, Muslim executions of Catholics, simply because they are Catholics, is both current and appalling.
    If you have to dig back centuries to defend, or equivocate, the abhorrent practices of Islam in the 21st century, better you should spend your time reading history and discovering why, in our so-called democratic, United Nations, world, Islam is such a terror, even compared with the worst.

  4. Ganganelli August 25, 2014 6:20 pm

    Who is defending the abhorrent practices of Islam? Killing people because they don’t agree with your religious views is disgusting no matter who or when.

    • A Catholic Thinker August 26, 2014 9:07 pm

      You’re calling God Himself, who has, in certain times and places, ordered capital punishment for apostasy and blasphemy, “disgusting”.
      Or do you not accept the Catholic dogma that the Holy Ghost is the primary Author of Scripture?

  5. Lynda August 25, 2014 6:31 pm

    The most important duty that any member of Christ’s Holy Church has to another person is to help insofar as he can the other person to enter the Church, or remain in the Church, in a state of grace, and so be fitted for Heaven. Obviously, the duty varies in degree according to one’s capacity, circumstances, vocation, etc., and the duty of the Pope, bishops and priests is very great in line with their respective positions in the work of salvation as determined by Our Lord.

  6. Lynda August 25, 2014 6:42 pm

    Killing is just in certain instances under the Catholic Faith and the Natural Moral Law. Salvation of souls is the goal of the Church – what Christ established His Church for. The killing of innocents is a crime that cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and the unrepentant perpetrator will lose his soul because of it. Killing of the eternal soul is the ultimate evil.

  7. Roman Watcher August 25, 2014 7:04 pm


    Do you believe that someone who would teach your children to kill themselves after killing you, should be put to death? And if he succeeded in convincing many children to do that to their parents and then to themselves, do you think he should be put to death?

  8. Ganganelli August 25, 2014 8:44 pm

    If you’re asking are there occasions when evil people need to be punished by the death penalty, I answer yes. That has nothing to do with either Catholic or Muslim fundamentalists who would put people to death for not following a certain set of religious beliefs. Catholics stopped doing that a long time ago. Muslims still are doing that. They need their own Vatican II.

    • A Catholic Thinker August 26, 2014 9:27 pm

      The Muslims “need their own Vatican II” – hilarious! Absolutely killer stuff!
      Where should we start? A demonic, false religion that preaches countless blasphemies and teaches its followers to spread it “by the sword” needs – what, exactly? – a liberalizing council to make them – Nice?
      In the context of Catholicism, the One True Faith (Catholic dogma), a council filled with *deliberate ambiguities* (according to even its staunchest defenders!) is a thing of evil.
      But, in the context of a demonic false religion – who knows! It’s maybe a bit like mixing together two odd (to begin with) paint colors, as my kids do – who knows exactly what you’ll get until you try it.
      So, Ganganelli, you just might be on to something.

  9. Johnno August 25, 2014 9:34 pm

    Ganganelli -

    Burnings at the stake were a sentence for treason taken very seriously. particularly against those using faith as a basis to overthrow the state and begin insurgencies. In other words, this was a sentence against the terrorists of those days.

    But I do agree that the happy-clappy let’s-hold-hands crowd that you like to be part of in your enlightened non-violence for non-violence’s sake cause of self-righteousness is idiotic.

    There are times when violence and war are the only recourse to defend yourself against an enemy. And if you’re in the habit of rejecting God and refusing to give Him honor, and undermining the faith of your own flock by destroying the safeguards that remind them to look towards the Lord rather than their happy-clappy-peace-loving-hippie selves for feel-good liturgy, then you’re increasingly going to find yourself a hapless victim of the enemy that does not care to dialogue now cares about humanity’s survival, for he, that enemy, that first of the fallen, does not compromise. Evil exists Ganganelli, and it’s about time you took it seriously.

  10. Johnno August 25, 2014 9:43 pm

    “Catholics stopped doing that a long time ago. Muslims still are doing that. They need their own Vatican II.”

    WRONG. Catholics never did this in the first place. Please go cite the documents. And Islam doesn’t need a re-orientation. It needs to go away completely. You sound like those politicians who believe that meetings, committees, voting and words written on itty bitty pieces of paper actually matter and are the solution to all of the world’s problems.

    And what? pray, tell, precisely is it about V-II that you imagine worked out so well? Do you mean that a V-II moment for the Muslims will work the same way it did for the Catholic Church? That Islam would disappear thanks to Muslims losing their faith and not caring any more, and Imams dressing like clowns when they go to preach about the evolving noo-sphere of mother Gaia and that increasingly unused Mosques the world over can be sold to become discos? If that’s what you mean, then I heart-fully hope and pray they do have a V-II moment! That way we can finally be rid of it!

  11. Michael Leon August 25, 2014 9:56 pm

    Adding insult to injury, Maradiaga has sent a letter to the Christians of Iraq calling for more “peaceful dialogue”.
    You can read the letter with my comments here:
    Or if you would prefer to read the original without comments you can find it here:

  12. S.Armaticus August 26, 2014 1:53 am

    Off topic, but community news….
    Last State not to have a Mass of All Ages…… gets the Mass of All Ages.
    Mississippi to have first LTM offered, making the LTM being offered in all 50 of these United States (or 57 for you Obama voters). Link here: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2014/08/traditional-mass-comes-to-mississippi.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheNewLiturgicalMovement+%28New+Liturgical+Movement%29#.U_wfcaP4LYA
    Things, they are a changing…..

  13. S.Armaticus August 26, 2014 2:16 am

    Off topic II.
    I don’t know about you folks, but I am also sick and tired of the namby-pamby Jesus of VII.
    And I am not alone :)
    Link here: http://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com/2014/08/is-this-namby-pamby-jesus-of-liberalism.html.
    “Jesus is certainly the lover who won’t break a bruised read or quench a burning ember. But he never flinched at condemning hypocrisy, especially from the Jewish clergy of His day. And John the Baptist, among other saints, imitated Him. No one could ever accuse him of being non-confrontational!”

  14. S.Armaticus August 26, 2014 2:40 am

    And finally, off topic III:
    Three parent children.
    Link via Drudge here:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/medical-dilemma-of-threeparent-babies-fertility-clinic-investigates-health-of-17-teenagers-it-helped-to-be-conceived-through-controversial-ivf-technique-9690058.html.
    Last two paragraphs:
    “When Dr Cohen’s team published a study in 2001 of two babies who were born with mitochondria from two different “mothers”, the scientists wrote that it was “the first case of human germ-line genetic modification resulting in normal healthy children”.

    However, it later emerged that there were two pregnancies where embryos had a missing sex chromosome, known as Turner syndrome – one miscarried and the other was aborted. There was also a case where one of the babies who had developed a “pervasive developmental disorder” in the first year of life, Dr Cohen said. “Whether these anomalies were related to the procedure is unknown. The fact is that the parents could not become pregnant on their own or after conventional IVF. This could have also been the cause of the [Turner syndrome],” Dr Cohen said.”
    But if problems arise, pope Dawkins teaches that it is ok to “abort and try again”.

    • Lynda August 26, 2014 9:16 pm

      S. Armaticus, what you describe is intrinsically evil. It is to mock God and abuse His most sacred creatures.

  15. Dumb_ox August 26, 2014 3:39 am

    When, in the video, Bergoglio advises that “to expel the illness within our hearts” it is important for Mohammedans to read the Koran, he does not give any grounds for this being true. For example, he does not begin by saying, “According to recent findings…”; and he definitely cannot say “based on the Sources of Revelation” (as does, for example, Pope Pius XII when he explains the identity of the Mystical Body of Christ with the Roman Catholic Church).

    If one were to quote Bergoglio’s own words back at him – “You are wrong because you cannot possess truth” – he does not appear able to offer any refutation. It leaves one wondering what he thinks he is doing when he dresses differently from everyone else and occupies the center of attention. If he is just giving his opinion, then one man’s is as good as another’s. Is he not humble enough to recognise that?

  16. Roman Watcher August 26, 2014 7:58 am


    does anyone know whether


    is the person behind Rorate Caeli Blogspot?

    cf http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2014/08/catholic-identity-conference-2014.html

    I heard RC was a spokesman working in the DC area, former political operative…

    • Lynda August 26, 2014 9:19 pm

      Dear Roman Watcher, Aren’t there several contributors to Rorate Caeli? Though “New Catholic” seems to be the most prolific.

      • Roman Watcher August 27, 2014 6:05 am

        Yes, I thought the same, Linda, but the add seems to indicate otherwise, also a tweet on the blog affirmed the same…perhaps New Catholic is this Mr. Kenneth…

  17. my2cents August 26, 2014 8:21 am

    This video is heartbreaking. How anyone could see it and not shed a tear is beyond my imagination. It is justifiable to mockingly refer to Bergoglio as “Holy Father”. His “holy” moments are all “Kodak” moments (Pope Humble I) and he is a “Father” who deserts his children.

  18. S.Armaticus August 26, 2014 10:28 am

    Another brick in the “brick by brick” meme, subtitle “Deep South nostalgic for Mass of All Ages”. ;)
    New proper Catholic parish in Huntsville AL
    Link here:
    Role Tide, baby! :)

  19. Indignus famulus August 26, 2014 11:18 am

    Dear Dumb ox, thanks for the link in your comment above (#15) in which
    Pope Francis (2013) chided the teens said:..“But, Father, I possess the truth!”. “You are wrong because you cannot possess truth, we cannot carry it, we must encounter it. It is an encounter with the truth that is God, that we must search for.”
    Protestant’s teach that “personal encounter” with Christ is independent of the Truths which the Catholic Church claims to possess in fullness.
    — The Pope has to know that God not only gave us the power to encounter Him, but to possess and carry Truth to others, entering into His Body by Faith and the Sacraments; our souls regenerated, living by -Revealed Truth-which the Church is charged to protect, defend, clarify, teach, and use to govern and sanctify souls in Jesus’ Name, until the end of time.
    —So why didn’t he take his own advice, and say some of that, instead of emphasizing only the “personal” –especially as he wrote 3 months later in Evangelii Gaudium: –p64 ..”secularization tends to reduce the faith and the Church to the sphere of the private and personal… it produced a growing deterioration of ethics, a weakening of the sense of personal and collective sin, and a steady increase in relativism.. In response, we need to provide an education which teaches critical thinking and encourages the development of mature moral values.”
    answer?: -par.156 ” Some people think they can be good preachers because they know what ought to be said, but they pay no attention to how it should be said.. Let us remember that “the obvious importance of the content of evangelization must not overshadow the importance of its ways and means” [Dear God, he really wrote that.]
    -And he went on to express the familiar presumption that faith in the actions of the Holy Spirit, is the reason we must all go on -even now-as if God’s plans for the good of souls continues to be accomplished by the conciliar works of man- (which both ignored Our Lady of Fatima’s requests and deliberately broke with Tradition), incredibly still mocking the prophets of doom and gloom: writing in par.84:
    — “never forgetting that “where sin increased, grace has abounded all the more” (Rom 5:20)… “Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, we are distressed by the troubles of our age and far from naïve optimism; yet the fact that we are more realistic must not mean that we are any less trusting in the Spirit or less generous. ..”Once again listen to the words of Blessed John XXIII on the memorable day of 11 October 1962: “At times we have to listen, much to our regret, to the voices of people who, though burning with zeal, lack a sense of discretion and measure. In this modern age they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin … We feel that we must disagree with those prophets of doom who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand. In our times, divine Providence is leading us to a new order of human relations which, by human effort and even beyond all expectations, are directed to the fulfilment of God’s superior and inscrutable designs, in which everything, even human setbacks, leads to the greater good of the Church”.
    in par284 he wrote: “With the Holy Spirit, Mary is always present in the midst of the people. She joined the disciples in praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit, and thus made possible the missionary outburst which took place at Pentecost. She is the Mother of the Church which evangelizes, and without her we could never truly understand the spirit of the new evangelization.”
    Dear God- open his eyes to the truth of those words. Ignoring Fatima: Sin, Dogma Hell = loss of Faith = reason for need for new evangelization.=.
    Consecrate Russia now.

    • Indignus famulus August 28, 2014 9:48 pm

      t in par.156 of the Pope’s Encyclical, as noted above, he wrote: ” Some people think they can be good preachers because they know what ought to be said, but they pay no attention to how it should be said”.. Let us remember that “the obvious importance of the content of evangelization must not overshadow the importance of its ways and means”
      We can only hope that this is a bad translation into English..
      To St.Augustine, clarity of communication was all important. (De Doctrina Christiana 4, 12, 27) “It is this principle, therefore, which determines the evaluation by Augustine of the three aims of rhetoric that had been identified by Cicero: to teach, to delight and to persuade”.
      For Augustine the purpose of teaching takes first place, and the choice of words to be used is secondary to that aim, rather than to please or to persuade. How something is to be expressed is not as important as what is to be taught: “It is the sign of good minds to love the truth within the words, rather than the words themselves.” (De Doctrina Christiana 4, 11, 26)

  20. Matthew August 26, 2014 7:07 pm

    Dear All,
    Now it’s come to light that the city council and child protective services of Rotherham (UK) systematically suppressed reports of child sex slavery for more than two decades. Some 1,400 girls as young as 11 years old were traded around the country as sex slaves, regularly tortured and threatened with death at the hands of their captors. And the authorities, who received countless credible reports of such crimes over the years, acknowledge it, but did nothing to stop it.
    Why did the authorities suppress the information for so long? Because the sex crime ring is organized and supported by none other than Pakistani Muslims. The potential political fallout was too great, it seems. Even now they are trying to limit the damage by referring to the men as “Asians”. However, we know five of the men involved in the Rotherham ring who were prosecuted in 2010 – Zafran Ramzan, Razwan Razaq, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussain and Mohsin Khan – receiving sentences from between 4 to 11 years. But they were just the tip of the iceberg. The slave market is said to be represented virtually everywhere there are Pakistani Muslims in the UK.
    This should horrify the world just as much as the beheading of Christians in Iraq. These are not aberrations. This is what Muslim men do to women during jihad. At least three verses of the Koran explicitly endorse the practice of capturing and keeping sex slaves. The fact that British authorities would look the other way out of fear of being called “islamophobes”, however, represents a new low-point in western civilization.

  21. Roman Watcher August 27, 2014 6:06 am

    I wonder if one motivation for so many “Westerners” to join ISIS is that they get a society where the pratice of sexual abuse is not only not forbidden, but a right for those who fight for “God”….?

    • Matthew August 27, 2014 7:24 am

      Dear Roman,
      What should we expect from a cult teaching that every man who dies killing non-believers will get a harem of 72 virgins in heaven? And, mind you, these are not regular virgins. These are virgins who, after you rape them, turn back into vigins so you can rape them all over again. In fact, there is a Hadith attributed to Mohammed by two separate accounts which read as follows:
      A man asked the Prophet : “O Prophet of God, will the inmates of Paradise have sexual intercourse?” He said: “Anyone among them will be given the sexual strength of seven among you.” The Prophet said: “An inmate of Paradise will have five hundred girls, four thousand unmarried women and eight thousand widowed women. Each of them will keep embracing him for the duration of his whole worldly life time.” He also said: “There will be slave markets in Paradise in which there will be no buying and selling, but there will be men and women. If any man will wish to have sexual intercourse with a woman, he will do so at once.”
      Should it be any surprise whatsoever that this cult attracts the filth of humanity? What’s more, they actively recruit it:

      • A Catholic Thinker August 27, 2014 8:16 pm

        Well said, Matthew.
        There is an article about I?lam right now on infowars and there is some Muslim commenter offering his insulting thoughts to Christians – telling them they are “stupids” for following a religion in which one “doesn’t get to” have sex in Heaven, and many similar things. It’s some combination of sad, pathetic hilarity.

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