Religious Liberty Under Attack: In Defense of Christ the King

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The following video is of a presentation that I recently delivered in Baltimore on the topic of religious liberty. This talk isn’t for the faint of heart. It poses a difficult but profoundly important question; one that far too few seem willing to ask:

Is the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II and the propositions it sets forth the solution to the persecution the Church is now facing, or is it more accurate to number it among the causes?

Note: It may be necessary to close any open programs and processes in order to avoid “stuttering” playback.

Religious Liberty: In Defense of Christ the King from Louie Verrecchio on Vimeo.

Was John Courtney Murray Right?
An examination of the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II

On December 7, 1965, Pope Paul VI officially promulgated Dignitatis Humanae – the Second Vatican Council’s “Americanized” treatment of religious freedom: It was as though an American flag had been raised atop the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, supplanting the Cross of Christ the King; the same that had long since adorned not just the pinnacle of this most famous of all sacred buildings, but the very heart of Christendom itself…

In this brief but high-impact book, Louie Verrecchio compares and contrasts the traditional doctrine of the Church with the novelties that were enshrined in the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II.
Rather than focusing on minutia, Verrecchio shines the light of Tradition on the foundational planks upon which these two disparate approaches to religious freedom must either stand or fall, providing readers with the insight necessary to decide for themselves:Was John Courtney Murray right? $12.50

New Catholic Domain: Will it be properly regulated?

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From Catholic News Agency

Msgr. Tighe

The Vatican has announced that it wants to create a “.catholic” domain name as a way of validating official Catholic institutions online – just one day after rolling out a major shift in its communications strategy.

“Our idea is that those communities that make up the Church will be able to apply to have this ‘dot catholic’ web address as a way of authenticating their presence in the web space,” said Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, in an interview with Vatican Radio.

The online suffix would be granted by the Vatican to Catholic bodies across the world so that internet users “can be certain that it’s coming from a genuinely Catholic source,” he said.

One has to wonder if the Holy See is willing, or able, to police the content that is uploaded on sites using this domain to make sure it’s “genuinely Catholic.”

If experience here in the U.S. is any indication – where RealCatholicTV gets harassed into dropping the name “Catholic” and yet National Catholic Reporter goes its merry heretical way, I’m not very confident. Maybe the Holy See will be very discriminating about who gets to use the domain, but let’s be honest – there’s little to no chance that access will be withheld from those religious orders that habitually oppose the Magisterium.

BLOG: Patriotic Rosary? Seriously?

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On June 21st, dioceses across the United States will kick-off the “Fortnight for Freedom” during which “a great national campaign of teaching and witness for religious liberty” will take place through “prayer, study, catechesis and public action.”

As part of their “Fortnight” activities, many dioceses are planning the recitation of a bastardized, hybridized, nationalized twist on Mary’s Psalter called the “Patriotic Rosary,” which among other idiotic things intersperses readings from notable figures in American history — some of whom were virulent anti-Catholics — the singing of patriotic songs, and the rattling off of the names of all fifty states while curiously failing to mention that hotbed of debauchery known as Washington D.C.

In any event, you won’t catch me participating in this mockery of the Most Holy Rosary. I’ll just stick with the same devotion that was prayed by so many of the saints throughout the centuries; that which was good enough to secure victory at the Battle of Lepanto, along with the specific intention that our bishops may once again find the courage to invoke the Sovereign rights and prerogatives of Christ the King and His Holy Catholic Church.